The dream has to be scary

Think about a dream you have. How does it make you feel?

Amazing, passionate, excited?

Ok, good! Now picture yourself actually doing it. Why haven't you already done it?

Is it because you feel overwhelmed and terrified? Yes, dreams are scary.

Maybe scary is a strong word. But if your dream does not at least challenge you a little bit, does it even qualify as a dream?

More often than not, fear stops us from turning our dreams into reality and taking that first step to make them come to life.

If anything, fears show you the path. At the end of the day, ask yourself what scares you the most? If you can live with the idea of not achieving that particular thing, maybe it's time to move on to the next dream. The kind that you keeps you awake at night... because deep down you know that you'll regret not doing it. So we do believe the dream has to scare you a bit. But that does not mean it has to turn into a nightmare. It will if you let fear paralyze you, often in form of procrastination.

Then pounder that phrase: Do not give up on what you really want for what you want now.

In that situation "what you want now" would be staying within what you know, watching a show instead of gathering the courage to write that piece or contact that one person who could help you in your path towards your dream. "What you really want" refers to that dream. Do your homework now. Ask yourself all these questions. Take a first step. It's worth the try