The birth of an idea

Creating a business follows a similar process as giving birth to a human being.

I see so many similarities between the two. Birthing an idea takes a lot of invisible work before it’s ready to come out to life. I remember at the very beginning of my business, well-meaning people asked me all sorts of questions that I couldn’t give an answer to. The 3 most painful were :

“Who is going to buy from you?”

“How are they going to find out about you?”

“How are you going to make money?”

Honestly, I wanted to run away from the conversation and hide. I avoided those types of interactions at all cost for months. Because my answer was I DON’T KNOW, and I could see their puzzled look, and I could imagine (that was my perception, not necessarily the truth) them thinking “Woow, she is not serious about building her business”. In truth, I just wanted to hide in a cave for 9 months and get out when I had something to show the world.

One day, this idea hit me. It wouldn’t cross our mind to ask a pregnant lady “what color is the hair of your baby going to be?”, or “how long is your baby going to sleep at night?”. She doesn’t have the answers because the baby is not born yet.

It’s the same for a business. Building a business means creating something new has never been done before. You’re taking one of your dreams out into the world.

This creation process is one of the most empowering journeys I’ve ever done. You’re free to do anything you want. So what do you want to do? Finding the answers takes some time. The answers start growing inside of you, just like a baby.

How do we behave around a pregnant lady? We see her as beautiful because she’s creating life.

We ask her questions such as:

How do you feel?

Do you sleep well at night?

Do you take care of yourself?

Do you eat well?

Do you have people around you to help?

Who is your doctor? Are you well supported?

These same questions are 100% valid for someone who is at the beginning process of creating a new business. In fact, treating yourself as if you were pregnant was a game changer for me. BECAUSE YOU ARE PREGNANT WITH AN IDEA.

Just like it takes 9 months for the baby to come into the world, it takes months before you have a part of your business to show the world. There is no reason to rush through “creating a website” or “starting an Instagram account”. These physical parts of your business come AFTER the invisible work is done.

If you’re still in the conception phase, and someone asks you “How will you make money with your idea?” you can answer “would you ask a pregnant lady how many hours her baby is going to sleep?” It’s too soon to ask that question.

Babies are born naked, they can barely see, they can’t walk, if they don’t get fed they can’t survive. In short, they need love and care in order to grow. The first months and years are crucial for a human being to thrive later in life.

It’s the same for a business. Your business needs YOU. It needs you at your best, being well-rested, well taken care of, happy, loving, etc. Your business will thrive as long as you thrive. It’s your job to take care of you as if you were pregnant.