Self-care practices to let go of tensions

We all go through rough moments sometimes where we feel like there is a huge chaos or war in our head. So many thoughts are invading our mental space. It might feel overwhelming and tense. We might feel stuck in our own head.

Here is the thing: our thoughts are our own creations. So if we are able to create them, we are also able to let them go.

How do we let them go?

Let’s start by taking a deep breath in and out. Close your eyes and breathe as many times as necessary until you feel slightly calmer.

Work on your mind

Write down all the thoughts you have at the moment. What is the voice inside your head telling you?

This voice has good intentions. It is here to protect you from dangers. However, sometimes it gets overprotective and keeps you stuck somewhere you don’t want to be. By acknowledging what it tells you and what it protects you from, you work with it, instead of against it. Only then, you are able to let go of the stories it’s telling you.

Once you have it all written down, ask yourself the question: Are these thoughts fact or fiction? They may feel very real, but are they true? If they are fiction, rewrite them. Rewrite the stories you tell yourself. Create new thoughts that make you feel peaceful and calm.

Read the new stories over and over again until you fully believe them. It might take some days until they feel believable.

Choose one word or one sentence that represents this new story, print it and post it somewhere you see it every day. I sometimes write my new thoughts on a post note and stick it next to the bathroom mirror where I see it every time I brush my teeth/ or I post it next to my laptop screen.

Work on your body

You may notice physical pains while letting go of the old stories. This is because your body and mind are connected. Your pains are signals sent by your body to let you know that something is bothering you. Work with your body: where does it hurt? How does it feel there?

Your body is making you aware that the bad thoughts are running the show. To help you, here are some self care practices to release the tension:

  • Walk in nature

  • Dance

  • Sing

  • Listen to your favourite playlist

  • Take a bath

  • Light up a scented candle

  • Get a massage

  • Meditate

  • Listen to an inspiring podcast

  • Watch an inspiring video

Anything that is soothing you works! Your goal is to do something that makes you feel peaceful and loved!

What is one thing you can do today to feel peaceful?