Life Manifesto

Our mission: Passionate About Empowering You

Swiss Escape Incubator mission is to empower you to turn your ideas into purpose-driven projects and businesses.

We strive to support you build businesses that are flexible enough to embrace creativity and organised enough to be financially sustainable. The balance between creativity and organisation can be learnt.

We love helping you look inward, find your voice and discover your ideas. This way, you are able to create something that’s authentic and life changing to you while creating a big impact for the world.

Our philosophy for living a purposeful life

In everything we do, we strive to talk about how to live a free life that is authentic to oneself. We want everyone who comes into contact with us to make the most out of life. We want people to live by their own rules. Below are some principles we created for ourselves.


  • You surround yourself with inspiring people who keep pushing you forward

  • You are not afraid to love people with all your heart

  • You cultivate meaningful relationship and understand that people are your most important allies when times are hard

  • You have fun with people. If they don’t make you laugh, they are not worth spending time with

  • You prioritise the relationship you have with yourself. Self-care comes first in everything you do


  • You work on projects that have a purpose to you

  • You work where you want

  • You work as much or as little as you want

  • You work when you want

  • You work with who you want and you are able to create your own community of people you admire


  • You have the courage to follow what your intuition tells you to do

  • You give yourself permission to be curious

  • You allow fun, play and rest to be an integral part of your life

  • You travel and get inspired by new places

  • You practice gratitude and you give yourself permission to know joy