Ideas are born out of chaos

From chaos to clarity

In order to create something, chaos comes first. A good friend of mine once told me that we are just like a chaotic band: each of us plays a different instrument and at first we are out of tune, not in tempo and horrible to listen to. The music we play doesn’t make sense, until we start listening to each other, and start creating harmonies. Embracing the Unknown, the chaos, is an essential part of the creation process. When nothing makes sense, that means you’re exactly on the right track; that means you’re doing it right. We can’t create new solutions based on old rules and systems, another friend of mine says. In order to move forward we need to break the systems and the rules we know. That is when real disruption occurs.

That process of breaking the systems, and questioning everything you thought you knew, is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Swiss Escape Incubator is the result of me destroying my assumptions, reevaluating everything I thought I knew in business, changing the rules, and doing every day something that I think is impossible. I’ve learnt to face my biggest fears, I’ve learnt to let go of the order, I’ve learnt to let go of my comfort zone and the relationships who keep me stuck in there. I’ve learnt to start from scratch. And in the end, I’ve learnt to TRUST that “if I can dream it, I can make it”. This is the most empowering and scary process I’ve ever done in my career.

From that place where everything is possible, I’ve planted seeds with the help of people who showed up on my path. I’ve let the seeds grow; they took months, some years, to get to life. Swiss Escape Incubator is born out of my determination to change the world. Yes, I think that is possible. And I know that I need help with this task. I’m looking for other change-makers who are ready to face their biggest fears, let go of everything they thought they knew, and start over by planting a small seed that has the potential to make a big difference.

When I started my first company, I thought it was doomed to fail. I gave it 6 months because I was convinced that we would fail. It was supposed to be a prototype. And yet, it is now thriving and making a big impact in people’s life. When I started the second company, I thought we could never make it. And yet, it is now serving hundreds of businesses all over the world and making a big difference for them. When I created Swiss Escape Incubator, I decided to follow the chaotic process of giving birth to an idea. And in less than 6 months of existence, it’s already transformed 6 people’s lives (that I know of). I am determined to let it grow and make a bigger impact. Even though some days I feel I’m dreaming too big and I have this small voice in my head asking “how am I going to make it?”, I’ve decided to nurture this idea and make it real. The birthing process of an idea is the most magical and empowering experience I’m able to create. Welcome to my chaotic world! I hope you too will have the courage to turn your dreams into realities. The world needs that from YOU!

P.S. When I felt that I couldn’t trust anymore, I would listen to that song. And that kept me going.