How to deal with "I am not good enough"

“I am not good enough.”

This thought is a classical example of the imposter syndrome that every entrepreneur experiences more or less regularly.

Some morning, we wake up with an uneasy feeling. A feeling that something is wrong. We can feel it in our guts, even though we don’t know exactly what is wrong.

For many of us, it happens when we start something new. At the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, it happens a lot when we have this small idea but we think we are not able to bring it to life. We look at other people and think they can do it better than us, so why even try?

Further down the line, it shows up when we get in front of our first client. We are really scared to disappoint them, we create imaginary stories where they’ll say “I don’t need you, goodbye”. That would break our heart.

Why do we think we are not good enough?

Because we think there is nothing special about us.

Because we know that we don't have all the answers.

Because we know that we will make mistakes and fail sometimes. And we are scared to fail doing something we put our heart into.

Because we are getting out of our comfort zone.

Are these beliefs the reality?

Not all of them.

Yes, we will not have all the answers, but we have the drive to look for them.

Yes, we will make mistakes and fail. But mistakes and failures are only normal in business. We can’t grow without them.

Yes, it is a stretch out of our comfort zone. But we sometimes get so bored in our comfort zone that it’s time for new challenges.

What can we do to feel better?

  • Talk about our fear of "not being good enough" with someone.

  • Change our limiting beliefs into beliefs of opportunities for growth. There is this quote by Mandy Hale that we can hold onto “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” Taking a chance on your dreams makes you grow.

  • Give yourself a break. Go out for a walk, discover new places in the city, have coffee, listen to an inspiring podcast, read a book, In short, do one thing that makes you feel slightly better and takes your mind off of negative thoughts.

Your thoughts are the creation of your mind. If you have the power to create them, you also have the power to transform them. Whenever you feel the imposter syndrome coming your way, remember that you can decide to deal with it right away with this self-coaching exercise:

  1. What thoughts do I have right now?

  2. But why?

  3. Are these beliefs the reality?

  4. If they are not real, what could I tell myself that makes me feel better?

  5. Repeat these new empowering thoughts in your head over and over again

I do this exercise ALL THE TIME. Feeling "not good enough" is a normal thought when we are entrepreneurs because we constantly start new projects, talk to new people, have bigger ideas, and that will never stop. Over time, I've learnt to change "I am not good enough" into "I am learning something new and it is ok not to be perfect". What could you create if you gave yourself permission to be new at it and be imperfect?