How I work with my clients

I love working with people on my two favourite topics: mindset and business strategies.

I often have long conversations about self-doubt. So often, one of my clients tells me they are scared to open up about their business because they worry I’ll not want to work with them, or that I’ll think badly about them, or they’ll forget to tell me important things during our meeting.

These fears are so normal, especially at the beginning of our work together. Yet, I never, for one second, think badly about someone who asked for my help. When I hear that, my job is to acknowledge the fears and respond to them. Above all else, I’m helping the person find a way to empower themselves to overcome these barriers and irrational fears.

Talking about fears is always the first step. We need to first identify what is not working in order to let go and replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I know that with patience and care, every single person is able to transform their fears into empowering thoughts. Together, we name each fear and belief behind it so we can let them go. This process takes time and yet it is so helpful to move to the next step.

My biggest goal is to help my client discover how they work naturally and help them grow into that direction. In the long term, they are able to exploit their full potential without my guidance. I love when someone trusts me enough to allow me to guide them. This is one incredible gift. I always get the privilege to grow when I help someone out of their fears. I’m so grateful that we are both exploring our potential together. We help each other to grow and that makes me feel so fulfilled.

Here is how I work

I don’t tell my client what to do, or give the full explanation about the process we are going through. I only ask questions and let the person figure out the answers. I don’t do the job for them. And I don’t give the solution (unless it’s a practical tip). By asking the right questions, I give my client the impulse to look for the answer and heal on their own. I am not trying to save them. Instead I teach them the tools they can use to help themselves.

Working with so many people, I’ve learnt that asking for help is an essential part of being successful. It is a skill to learn, develop and master. When we get the help we need, we are able to solve so many problems in one hour instead of staying stuck with them for weeks, months or even years.

My advice today: get the help that you need in the area of your life that you feel is most painful to you.