Meet Fanny

Founder at Swiss Escape Incubator

My Story 

As soon as I finished my studies, I had big dreams about what my perfect job would be. Only to find out that it didn't exist. For 9 months after my graduation, I applied to every single company I could find. I landed a couple of job interviews, only to come back more depressed every time. I kept thinking: "Even if they give me the job, I know I would hate it." I felt miserable and hopeless. I spent all my time sending CVs all over the country while watching my savings diminish as months went by. My anxiety rose, and so did my stress level. 

To make it worse, in the back of my head, there was this tiny voice that kept repeating "If no one wants to hire you, create your own job". But I had no idea how. I kept thinking "I want to create a project of my own but I don't know where to start. I am not able to manage anything like this. It feels impossible. How am I ever going to make money on my own?" This voice kept talking to me for over 1 year until one day, I found a program that taught me how to create a business. That program changed my life. That day, I made the leap of faith to bring that small idea to life. That was in 2016, and I have never looked back. 

Today I run my own company and work with an amazing team from all over the world. I went from starting to build Swiss Escape in 2016, to opening Coliving Hub in 2018. Both are successful companies that now serve international clients. I do all that while travelling the world with my boyfriend and spending a few months per year in beautiful destinations, such as Switzerland, Thailand, Spain, Greece, and Portugal.


I have studied entrepreneurship with different programs  by EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator, and Fabrica de Startups in Lisbon, Portugal. I have taken extensive classes with the some of the best mentors I could find. My business really took off after I invested in these mentoring programs.

From experience, I've learnt that the hardest part of starting and staying in business is to deal with the mind, more specifically thoughts like:

"Can I really have it all: a job I love, friends, travel the world and make money? This is too good to be true."

I've now integrated the mindset work into my daily habits and I've seen a huge shift in the level of success I'm able to create. I'm obsessed with understanding thoughts and how to deal with them so that we are able to make our dreams come true. 

I love helping new and seasoned entrepreneurs with their mindset work. There is nothing that lights me more than transforming perfectionism, worries and doubts into successes. 


If you read this and feel that my story resonates with yours, I'd love to hear from you. I can't wait to hear all about your dreams, desires, and fears. Let's connect with each other!